Dynasty Warriors: Overlords (Global) – [Multi-Attack, God Mode]

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Dynasty Warriors: Overlords Mod Info

Name Dynasty Warriors: Overlords
Developer VNG Game Publishing
Package Name vnggames.dynastywarriors.action.rpg.sea
Version Auto Update 1.0.17
Root Required YES
Mandatory Magisk v24+ & Zygisk Enabled
Mod Price FREE

Dynasty Warriors: Overlords Global is an action role-playing mobile game (ARPG) with the theme of Three Kingdoms, copyrighted by Koei Tecmo and exclusively published by VNGGames in Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines & Indonesia. Dynasty Warriors: Overlords “Not simply APRG (hack & slash). This is Wu Song (Musou)” because the game keeps the essence of the game series, while upgrading and adding many new and attractive features. The guide promises to bring back interesting experiences when players transform into the famous general of the Three Kingdoms sweeping the battlefield of thousands of troops.

Mod Features:

NOTE: This game blocks ROOT devices. You need to use Shamiko to hide ROOT. Follow this article: [Magisk] Instructions for installing and using the Shamiko module to block ROOT detection

[Dominate with unstoppable action — annihilate hordes of enemies with unlimited combos] Experience the original "Hack and Slash" (H&S) combat! Play as your favorite generals of the Three Kingdoms, such as Zhao Yun, Lu Bu, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei, in massive battles against thousands of enemies. Will you attain the best combination of combos? Will you claim the title of "God of War"? Play Dynasty Warriors: Overlords now to find out! [Epic Real-Time PvP Modes with fair fight competition — your skills define your destiny] Dynasty Warriors: Overlords is the first in the entire series to have Real-Time PvP Mode! Destroy your opponent in a battle of skill and reign supreme! Test your skills in various PvP Modes: Solitary Striving 1vs1, Imperial Sparring 3vs3, and Guild War. Who will claim the title as the strongest amongst all? Who will be the “God Amongst Men”? Join now and compete with your friends! [Iconic storyline of the Three Kingdoms — explore hundreds of legendary battles] Take part in major battles of the Three Kingdoms as you experience the story of the 4 nations: Wei, Wu, Shu, and Jin! Immerse yourself in the classical plot through a seamless blend of action and storytelling unique to this game! [Synergy Musou skills — generals unite to unleash spectacular and powerful combination skills] Take down enemies with might and style! Generals join forces to unleash Synergy Musou skill, an intense powerful move with magnificent gorgeous graphics. Get ready for a whole new level of visual spectacle!

How to install ZyMod Magisk Module (Zygisk Module)?

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